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My Story!

It was May of 1999 when I walked across the stage of the University of Minnesota's graduation ceremony, diploma in hand. I had just earned my degree in marketing, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Real estate had always been an interest of mine, so after some careful consideration, I decided to become a realtor.

I knew I had a lot to learn, but I was determined to make it as a real estate agent. I began by studying for my real estate license exam, which I passed with flying colors. Then, I started looking for a job with a real estate agency in the Twin Cities area.

After a few interviews, I landed a job with a small real estate agency in the suburbs. It wasn't exactly the glamorous job I had dreamed of, but it was a start. I worked hard, learning everything I could about the local housing market and building relationships with clients.

I quickly learned that being a real estate agent was about much more than just selling houses. It was about building trust with clients and understanding their needs and preferences. It was about being a problem solver and a negotiator. And it was about being available to clients 24/7, because the real estate market never sleeps.

Despite the challenges, I loved my new career. I loved meeting new people and helping them find their dream homes. I loved the thrill of closing a deal and the satisfaction of knowing that I had helped my clients achieve their goals.

As I gained more experience and built up my network of contacts, I began to see more success. I started to close more deals and earn more money. But the most rewarding part of my job was always the relationships I built with my clients.

I remember one client in particular, a young couple who were looking for their first home. They were nervous and unsure of what they wanted, but I was patient with them and listened to their needs. After several weeks of searching, we finally found the perfect home for them. I could see the relief and happiness on their faces as we closed the deal.

Another memorable experience was when I helped a single mother find a home for her and her children. She was on a tight budget and had been turned down by several other agents, but I worked hard to find her a home within her price range. Seeing the joy on her children's faces as they moved into their new home made all the hard work worth it.

As I continued to work in the real estate industry, I realized that it was more than just a job - it was a lifestyle. I was constantly networking and building relationships, even when I wasn't technically working. But I loved every moment of it.

Over the years, I have helped countless families and individuals find their dream homes. I have worked with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels. And I have loved every moment of it.

Looking back on my decision to become a realtor in 1999, I know that it was the right choice for me. It has been a fulfilling and rewarding career, and I can't imagine doing anything else!

Let me know what your journey has looked like! I would love to hear!

-Nala W.

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